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What if everyone felt just as encouraged and supported at work as at home? Imagine how that would impact performance, team dynamics, and relationships at work. This encouraging tale provides a step-by-step approach to living with greater compassion, connection and collaboration at work and at home. Through a delightfully crafted fable, Call for Compassion tells the story of Tom Anderson, a business leader who teaches his eight-year-old son about compassion through a unique family tradition of restoring a bike. Additionally, Tom navigates tricky situations at work in order to build an environment of compassion and collaboration. 

In Call for Compassion, leaders discover how to:

  1. Nurture compassion for self
  2. Communicate for more collaboration
  3. Build a more connected team
  4. Demonstrate small acts of compassion
  5. Increase collaboration leader to more meaningful work

What if you could wake up tomorrow and any of your relationships – at work and at home – felt more connected? Call for Compassion is ready to help you and your team get past low morale, workplace dissatisfaction, and poor communication. Call for Compassion is here to help you and others have more compassion and collaboration in your lives.

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